A Message from your interim Business Manager

A Message from your interim Business Manager
01 Mar 2016

Anthonyby Anthony Novello, Interim Business Manager

March 2o16-

UA Local 582 is proud to provide our members with this first edition of Plumbers and SteamFitters, our union’s newsletter. For more than 125 years the mission of the UA has been “to help our members build a better life for themselves and their families”. It’s a clear and critical mission but the world and our industry have evolved since it was first developed and our Local must continue to evolve to protect and enhance the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members in the 21st century.

This publication is an example of that evolution. We want and expect Local 582 members to play an important role and participate in the activities of our union. To make that happen we are using modern technology to communicate about our progress. In addition to this newsletter, our new website will provide up-to-date information about available travel jobs, safety and other training opportunities. It will share union news and events as well as access to forms and other useful tools. We’re also using technology to make our internal operations more efficient for our members which will enhance your experience at union meetings and provide transparency about union finances and how your dues are spent.

While technology is an important tool, it can never replace the necessary day-to-day work that union officers, staff and stewards do to maintain the “Union Difference” highlighted in the feature story on pages three and four. We have renewed our focus on contract enforcement, visiting worksites regularly to assure compliance and filing grievances where necessary. In future newsletters, we will feature the outcomes of those efforts.

We must also be vigilant in defending our union and the entire labor movement against entities that want to use the political process to undermine our progress, particularly in Orange County. Hard fought worker protections like prevailing wage and project labor agreements (PLAs) are constant targets of right-wing business interests. Over the past several months we have met with City Council members throughout our jurisdiction as well as with California State Senate leader Kevin de León to assure that our rights preserved and where possible, enhanced.

A review of this newsletter will show the changing face of Local 582 and the commitment at your union to meet the needs of a changing membership while we remember those retirees who came before us to build the UA and our local union.

It all comes back to the mission – a better life for our members and their families. The ongoing fulfillment of that mission takes all of us – officers, staff and rank-and-file members – working together to protect our trade and to continue to build our great union.