27 Jan 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.43.58 AMAs your Business Manager, I have been learning the business and striving for new contractors to sign on to get the last 14% out of work back to work. The contractors we partner with move men around, per the agreement, with the occasional layoffs, keeping our out of work numbers stagnant around the same each month, up 2%, down 3%, etc. Local 582 is right there with the rest of the locals in comparable size. For the accounting month of October, Local 582 had the 2nd most man hours recorded in regards to locals of our size. I ask all of you who are on working on jobsites and shops, to let your agents know where you are working, who is on your crew from other locals, and promote being a good union member. It will help your brothers and sisters get to work.

Organizer Larry Kirkconnell and I are continuing to meet with non-signatory contractors to continue our offensive attack. Bringing in new contractors who are smaller in size, creates a new loyalty, a new partnering relationship with our local union. The hours are created here in Orange County and stay in Orange County.

To move this local forward, I have upgraded ALL of our technology here in the office. The staff has dual monitors capitalizing on productivity. The business agents have personal computers or PC’s that they can lookup jobsite information, review the Department of Industrial Relations website for upcoming and current jobs, and access to the UA website with all member’s cert information and travel work available. The agents now have access to all the information in the industry at their fingertips. We now have a business class server capable of adding more stations on as needed. We also have 2 dedicated computers for testing linked to the A&J so that members can come in at their convenience and recertify, get new certs, or register for A&J courses.

Our office staff has changed. Brandy Gutierrez, the office secretary is back to work from maternity leave. She will continue working as the office secretary 3 days a week. In addition, I have signed Michelle Griffith on to move her from temporary status to full-time employee working up to 32 hours a week as the newly appointed JATC Secretary. It is a work in progress as she is learning our system and working closely with Larry to get dialed in. This will allow Larry the time he needs to be on the field all week with office time at the end of each day for his paperwork. He will be meeting with non-signatory contractors daily and bringing in new members to increase our membership. There will be newly signed agreements monthly, whether they be single project, or signing onto the Master Labor Agreement. At each union meeting we will report our latest news.

Everyone on the payroll is under my direction and there will continue to be positive results. If you are out of work, and wish not to be, make the time to come see me. Those with special certifications can travel to neighboring locals within DC-16 or out of town to any local in the US. The agents and I frequently monitor the UA Manpower Requests and provide updates on the jobline.

Some events that took place this past month was the IAPMO Conference. This was my first time attending the event. The Western States Pipe Trades, met each day to discuss strategies of the day to day agenda pieces. The UA puts forth great efforts to ensure the Plumbing and Mechanical code is protected. There were inspectors from all over the United States, most of them from UA backgrounds and still UA members. It is here where I realized the importance of taking part in this business of the industry and it was a great opportunity to learn about the organization.

I will conclude with saying “Thank you” to all our members that continue to volunteer themselves for city council meetings that go deep into the night, political rallies, precinct walks for our endorsed candidates, and those working on the upgrades in our credit union building, namely Don Nickerson and Adolph Novello. I am blessed to be in the position that I am in to serve the local union.

I will do everything imageable to bring our union to new heights.

Anthony Novello