27 Jan 2017

DSC00305Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take a moment to let you know I am proud to be your Business Agent, and will serve all of our members to the best of my ability With that being said, we cannot do it alone and we need your help from time to time. I think we all know that we get more done as a team. We, your agents and manager, will need to call on you and while its not always fun we must come together and help the politicians whether it’s a city council meeting, a precinct walk, or phone banking. All of these will help to get us more work for our members. We need the politicians to know we are paying attention to what they are doing and to let them know that we can help them if they help us. So again, I look forward to serving you.

If you should need to talk to me or to let me know where your working. My number is: 714-904-8353.

Robert “Bobby” James Business Agent

UA RepBrother and Sisters,

Wishing everyone a great and blessed Veterans Day. Remembering that we have the freedom because the brave men and women that are serving, and have served to protect the freedom of our great nation, will not be forgotten and honored by the American people.

We have contacts at local 582 to help Veterans with many problems that they are dealing with, programs to help your families, tools for workers entering the apprenticeship. Please contact the local for direction during business hours, or your agents.

The PLA’S for local hire are beneficial to the veterans as they have the opportunity to work in cities alongside union building trades residents working local hire. Local hire residents work where they live according to their zip codes on projects under PLA’S. With the help of city councils and union working towards PLA’S we can gain more work for local residents and Veterans.

Please notify your union if you are a Veteran and tell your officers so that we can be of assistance to you and your family.

Ray Angon Business Agent