27 Jan 2017

Training our apprentices on the job and in the classroom is essential

This is what separates us from our open shop competitors. That is why it is vital for the Journeyman in the field to train their apprentice working along side them to best of their ability.

Our training at the A&J has made many upgrades in the curriculum. First year apprentices are earning their OSHA 30 certification in the first semester of training, rather than OSHA 10, as it was previously. By the end of their first year, our apprentices have also been trained in basic math, T-Drilling, pipe threading, soldering, Victaulic piping and much more. These are just a few of the skills our members are learning at the start of their career. Through the five years of apprenticeship our members are continuously learning the skills they need to be successful Journeyman.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.04.33 PMMembers are encouraged to go online to to find out what classes our being offered to get certifications and to get the latest training available. The JTIP (Journeyman Training Incentive Program) is designed to pay those members who go out there and take specific classes for certifications up to $550 per year! Please take advantage of this opportunity.

It has been my pleasure to be an instructor with our A&J for over 11 years and to now serve our local union on the Executive Board. Keep your certifications up, and keep fighting the good fight!

Adam Elliott