Anthony Novello

Business Manager

For more than 125 years the mission of the UA has been “to help our members build a better life for themselves and their families”. It’s a clear and critical mission but the world and our industry have evolved since it was first developed and our Local must continue to evolve to protect and enhance the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members in the 21st century.
As the Business Manager of Local 582, I commit to each of you and your families that I will fight for and with you to protect your good jobs and affordable healthcare. I will work daily to defend your union contracts and make enhancements when possible. As your Business Manager, I will embrace the past and attack the future. Please join us and get involved in your union!

Ray Angon

Union Representative - North County

Congratulations to all new the Journeymen who turned out in February this year. Now we use what we have been taught to become leaders and help Local 582 in the future. To the new apprentices, welcome and remember, to advance each year, you have to have classroom hours, as well as working hours. Attend class without missing days. Save your absences for emergencies only. Your future depends on it for advancement. Your work must be turned in on time and filled out correctly. Fill out your work books daily, it will help trying to remember what you did that day. Any questions do not hesitate to call your business agents. We work for you my brothers and sisters.

Larry Kirkconnell

Organizer / JATC Secretary

I also serve as your JATC Secretary and trustee for the A&J Training as I and the JATC committee are always looking for new ways to improve our apprenticeship and make sure we have the best trained and most qualified hands out there. I look forward to continually serving this great local and I truly hope to make a difference and help move us forward into the future.

Johanna Vela

Office Manager

Brandy Gutierrez

Office Secretary / Dues Department